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Datum kreiranja: 15.05.2017.

Katarina Tomović

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  • Datum rođenja: 29.07.1991.
  • Mesto rođenja: Prokuplje
  • Obrazovanje

  • Fakultet: Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Nišu
  • Odsek / Grupa / Smer: Farmacija
  • Godina diplomiranja: 2015.
  • Spisak publikacija

  • Radovi u časopisima sa IMPACT faktorom:

    1. Kocic, G., Hadzi-Djokic, J., Colic, M., Veljkovic, A., Tomovic, K., Roumeliotis, S., Smelcerovic, A., Liakopoulos, V. (2023) The role of nucleases cleaving TLR3, TLR7/8 and TLR9 ligands, dicer RNase and miRNA/piRNA proteins in functional adaptation to the immune escape and xenophagy of prostate cancer tissue. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24, 509.

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    Tomovic, K., Ilic, B.S., Smelcerovic, A. (2021) Structure-activity relationship analysis of cocrystallized gliptin-like pyrrolidine, trifluorophenyl, and pyrimidine-2,4-dione dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64, 9639-9648.

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  • Radovi u ostalim časopisima:

    1. Tomović, K., Mrmošanin, J., Yancheva, D., Mavrova, A.Ts., Šmelcerović, A. (2020) In vitro antioxidant properties of 2-imino-benzimidazole and 1,3-thiazolo[3,2-a]benzimidazolone derivative. Acta Facultatis Medicae Naissensis 37(4), 381-386.

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  • Radovi na naučnim skupovima međunarodnog značaja:

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  • Radovi na domaćim naučnim skupovima:

      1. Yancheva, D., Mavrova, A., Anichina, K., Argirova, M., Anastasova, N., Lumov, N., Tomovic, K., Markovic, A., Guncheva, M., Smelcerovic, A. Exploring the potential of benzimidazole core for development of multi-target agents. National conference with international participation "Innovations in drug molecules", Hisarya, Bulgaria, July 2022, pp. 19-21.

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      4. Tomović, K., Kocić, G., Šmelcerović, A. GLP-1 dependent/independent effects of DPP-4 inhibitors in the pathobiology of lung vascular injury. First symposium of the Section of pharmaceutical sciences of the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia ''From idea to clinical application: Current pharmaceutical research'', Novi Sad, Serbia, September 2019, published in Arhiv za farmaciju 69(Suppl. 4) pp. S77-S78.

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