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Ana Cvetanović

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  • Datum rođenja: 01.01.1983
  • Mesto rođenja: Nis
  • Obrazovanje

  • Fakultet: Medicinski fakultet u Nisu
  • Odsek / Grupa / Smer: Medicina
  • Godina diplomiranja: 2007
  • Spisak publikacija

  • Monografije i poglavlja u monografijama:

    1. Cvetanovic A, Popovic L, Zivkovic N, Matovina-Brko G, Kostic M, Vrbic S, Pejcic I. Immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of solid tumors:a new key in the hands of oncologists. In:Watanabe HS.Horizons in cancer research(volume 65). Editor: Watanabe HS. Nova Science Publisher, New York, 2017, 65-90

    2. Cvetanovic A, Filipovic S, Vrbic S, Pejcic I, Popovic L. Side effects of cetuximab rash. In:Maddison RH.Haed and Neck cancer (1st edn). Editor: Maddison RH. Nova Science Publisher, New York, 2015, pp 123-138.

  • Radovi u časopisima sa IMPACT faktorom:

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    2.Popovic L,  Matovina-Brko G,  Popovic M, Popovic M,  Cvetanovic A, Nikolic I, Kukic B,  Petrovic D. Immunotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma. World J  Stem Cells 2021; 13(6):503-520. (IF 5.26  M22)

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  • Radovi u ostalim časopisima:

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  • Radovi na naučnim skupovima međunarodnog značaja:

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  • Radovi na domaćim naučnim skupovima:

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